Hello World

Hello World

Its alive! Welcome to my first blog post and see the motivation behind building this site.

The motivation to create this site was mainly to provide lecture scripts for my students, as well as a place where they can re-read stuff from my lessons or get additional theoretical input or practical examples.

I prefer reading and structuring information like websites or wikis do, so I decided I’ll maintain and provide the information I can give in the same way instead manually handing out PDF scripts. You will find all that in german only for now under Unterricht.

Additionally sharing some knowledge about specific topics will sporadically appear in the Blog section here. I think its also a good opportunity to have a well written and structured explanation about a specific topic at hand, which you can easily share with colleagues and people interested.

Topics will mainly be about web development and related subjects.

You may want to check out the source code of this site 🧐.